Edinburgh Book Fringe 2009: Raja Shehadeh and Marina Lewycka

  • Raja Shehadeh (winner of the Orwell Prize 2008 for Palestinian Walks)
  • Marina Lewycka (shortlisted for the Orwell Prize 2008 for Two Caravans)
  • Introduced by Gavin Freeguard (Administrator of the Orwell Prize)

Raja and Marina met at the Orwell Prize 2008 awards ceremony, and struck up a firm friendship. The two of them have since taken some Palestinian walks together, and some in the Peak District. During the event, Raja and Marina discuss their walks and Israel and Palestine, and read from their work, Raja from his recently republished memoir of growing up in Palestine, Strangers in the House, and Marina from her third novel, We Are All Made of Glue.

  • Raja Shehadeh: In conversation with Andrew Franklin, introduced by Sir Bernard Crick, Edinburgh International Book Festival 2008
  • Marina Lewycka: Orwell Prize event at Buxton, ‘What Makes a Good Political Novel?’
  • Marina Lewycka: Shortlisted for Two Caravans
  • Two Walks: Palestine and the Peak District


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