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These are the journalism prize entries

Peter Foster

Peter Foster is currently the Public Policy Editor at the Financial Times. Previously he was Europe Editor at The Daily Telegraph where he covered the Brexit negotiations from both sides of The Channel. He returned to London in 2015 after more than a decade spent as a foreign correspondent covering South Asia, China and the United States.

No-deal Brexit looms as leak reveals Dominic Cummings considers EU negotiations a ‘sham’

The fevered weeks which sealed an ‘impossible’ deal

‘Stunned off my sun lounger’

Peter Foster’s writings on Brexit, the great issue of our day, were insightful. We were struck most by the way they were written against the grain, avoiding the ideologically driven, hackneyed reporting the issue generated in so much of the media. His threads on Twitter were among the most insightful use of journalism’s newest tool.”

David Smith

David Smith has been Economics Editor of The Sunday Times since 1989, where he writes a weekly column. He is also chief leader-writer, an assistant editor and policy adviser. He also writes columns for The Times and other publications.

Scottish Independence? Just do the sums – it’s 40 years too late for that

More Stoke on Trent than Singapore on Thames

Public support for nationalisation is part of the backlash against greed

David Smith’s writings were sharp and incisive: we were most impressed by how he managed the difficult feat of presenting complex economic issues in a style the layperson could understand.”

Steve Bloomfield

Submitted material

“Whatever happened to Seymour Hersh?” (Prospect, 17/07/18)

“An island adrift: the inside story of how the Foreign Office is failing to prepare for Brexit” (Prospect, 15/10/18)

“The Corbyn doctrine” (Prospect, 15/06/18)

Suzanne Moore

Submitted material

“I thought remembrance was a celebration of war. I was wrong” (The Guardian, 12/11/18)

“I won’t be marching for a people’s vote. There has already been one” (The Guardian, 19/10/18)

“Monica Lewinsky has called out Clinton’s abuse of power. Why haven’t we?” (The Guardian, 01/04/18)