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If you have a question about the Foundation’s work, please don’t hesitate to email the team at

For any copyright queries about Orwell and his work, please contact the Orwell Estate directly (details below).

The Orwell Estate

The Orwell Estate is represented by the literary agency A. M. Heath. For any rights queries, please contact A. M. Heath directly: the Foundation does not issue permissions.

Copyright in George Orwell’s works that were published in his lifetime ended on 1st January 2021 in the UK but continues in the US. There is also an exception for some letters, diaries and notebooks first published in the ‘Complete Orwell’, and some letters that are as yet unpublished. For US quotation, apply for permission to HarperCollins US.

The estate has also established trade marks.

Bill Hamilton

Literary executor, A. M.

(+44) 020 7242 2811

The Orwell Foundation

The Orwell Foundation has a small office at University College London’s Institute of Advanced Studies, on UCL’s Bloomsbury campus in central London.

The Orwell Foundation
Institute of Advanced Studies
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