Darren McGarvey: Re-imagining Beveridge

Sunday 17 March 2019 @ 20.00 - 21.00

£10 + transaction fee

The Mitchell Library, Glasgow

Darren McGarvey (aka Loki), has experienced poverty and its devastating effects first-hand. He knows why people from deprived communities all around Britain feel angry and unheard.

His book Poverty Safari won The Orwell Prize for Books 2018, and at this special event at this year’s Aye Write festival, he examines the factors keeping people locked in poverty today.

Over 75 years on from the Liberal economist William Beveridge’s influential proposals to reform social welfare, what are the ‘Giant Evils’ of our modern society?

The Orwell Foundation is collaborating with Aye Write to produce this event as part of The New Poverty programme, sponsored by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

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