The Coming Storm with Gabriel Gatehouse and Lucy Proctor

Thursday 07 July 2022 @ 18:30

from £6

Institute of Advanced Studies, University College London

Join Gabriel Gatehouse and Lucy Proctor as they discuss their podcast ‘The Coming Storm’, shortlisted for The Orwell Prize for Journalism 2022. A year on from the Capitol Insurrection in Washington DC on 6 January 2021, Gabriel Gatehouse journeyed into the dark undergrowth of modern America, looking for the origins of the story that drove the crowds to storm the heart of US democracy.

Gabriel Gatehouse went into journalism after failing to cut it as a jazz pianist. Instead he began cutting reel-to-reel tape with a razor at the BBC’s Russian language service, and has since gone on to become an award-winning foreign correspondent. He is Newsnight’s International Editor.

Lucy Proctor grew up in Swindon and started out in local newspapers and then TV development before joining BBC News in 2010. She produces and presents radio documentaries, podcasts and films specialising in investigative journalism and political subcultures.

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