The Orwell Festival: George Monbiot in conversation

Friday 08 July 2022 @ 18:30

from £4

Cruciform Building LT1, University College, London.

Describing the environmental crisis as the greatest challenge humankind has ever confronted, George Monbiot has been trying to raise the profile of a wide range of desperately neglected environmental issues for the last 37 years. Yet these issues are almost always marginalised and overlooked. Despite it often feeling like banging his head against a wall, he refuses to stop trying, however faint the hope, to alert people to the scale and nature of this emergency.

Join him in conversation with Helen Hawkins, a former arts editor at The Sunday Times and a judge for The Orwell Prize for Journalism 2022, as they discuss his shortlisted pieces.

George Monbiot is an author, Guardian columnist and environmental activist. His best-selling books include Feral: Rewilding the land, sea and human lifeHeat: how to stop the planet burning, and Out of the Wreckage: a new politics for an age of crisis. George co-wrote the concept album Breaking the Spell of Loneliness with musician Ewan McLennan, and has made a number of viral videos. George’s latest book, Regenesis: Feeding the World without Devouring the Planet, will be published in May 2022.

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