2011 Longlists Announced

Thursday 31 March 2011

This year’s Orwell Prize longlists were announced last night – the details are summarised in the press release, or you can see the longlisted books, read the longlisted journalism and browse the longlisted blogposts on our website. As well as announcing this year’s longlists, we ran a panel discussion on political blogging, featuring previous winner, Richard Horton (aka blogging policeman, Jack Night, who was then outed by The Times) and David Allen Green (shortlisted as ‘Jack of Kent’ in 2010, one of this year’s judges). We’re very grateful to Preiskel & Co for hosting the event at short notice.

Video of the announcement, and video of the discussion, is now starting to appear on our YouTube Channel.

Orwell Prize at the Oxford Literary Festival This Week

We have two events coming up at the Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival – click the links to find out more and book:

The Wigan Pier Diaries

The final entry was published on 25th March.

In addition to the blog, we have a Google Map tracking Orwell’s journey, a flickr set of archive images, and our page on The Road to Wigan Pier, with the first chapter and other links.

The Wartime Diaries

This week, entries were published on 24th March. Next week, entries will be published on 7th and 8th April.

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