Entries for 2013 prize close on Wednesday

Thursday 03 January 2013

Since October we have been accepting journalism and books from some of the very best writers of 2012 but we could certainly squeeze a few more books onto our shelves. This is the 20th year of the Orwell Prize and we are excited to add another book to the pile of very deserving winners as well as commend the work of another enquiring and accomplished journalistic mind. Over the years we have celebrated a vast array of writing that aspires to Orwell’s ambition ‘to make political writing into an art’; from Peter Hitchens asking ‘What if the Berlin wall didn’t fall?’ to Raja Shehadeh’s walks through his troubled Palestinian homeland; the anonymous investigation of a police officer and Brian Cathcart’s examination of a murder that created a media storm; Patrick Cockburn bought us the story from the frontline and Tom Bingham gave us the definitive testament on what law means for society. What will win in our 20th anniversary year? Entry forms for the journalism and book prizes, and basic details of the entry process, are available on our ‘How to Enter’ page. You can also check out the full rules and the values of the Prize, or learn more about the judges. Entries close on 9 January 2013, for all work first published in 2012. The Prize is self-nominating, but if you think there’s someone who should enter, either encourage them to do so or get in touch. If you haven’t already seen it you can watch our launch ad for some inspiration: Good luck!

BBC Orwell season

For 2013 BBC Radio 4 have commissioned an Orwell season full of compelling programmes that explore ‘The Real George Orwell’ through his life and works. The series begins at the end of the month and here at the prize we’ll be keeping you informed with all the details but you can also have a look at the website. More soon.

The Irrawaddy Lit Fest

We’re getting so excited about Irrawaddy lit fest, Burma’s first English language international literary festival, which will hold a press launch with Aung San Suu Kyi on Sunday. Writers who have confirmed that they will attend and speak include Orwell Prize winning Timothy Garton Ash, Pandora a poet who contributed to Bones will crow an anthology of Burmese poetry published with English PEN and the prisoner of war performer Zaganar. You can see a full list of writers and their bios as well as more information about the festival, on their website. You can also still ‘Buy a book’ for Burma with the Orwell Prize here.

From elsewhere

  • At the end of the year The Independent asked its journalists to look back on their memorable moments of 2012. In this two-part piece you can read tales from winners Robert Fisk and Patrick Cockburn as well as last year longlistee David Usborne. Here and here
  • Last’s year’s journalism winner, Amelia Gentleman, examines the British tabloids pressure over page 3 in The New York Times

  • The diaries

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