The Orwell Foundation and the Institute of Advanced Studies launch new scheme for Orwell scholars

Thursday 07 November 2019

The Institute of Advanced Studies and the Orwell Foundation have launched a new scheme for researchers working on aspects of the life and work of George Orwell and his contribution to the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Orwell Visiting Fellows will be part of a growing hub for Orwell-studies at UCL, which recently hosted the inter-disciplinary conference, ‘Rebel? Prophet? Relic? Perspectives on George Orwell in 2019’, and is home to the UNESCO-registered George Orwell Archive.

Successful candidates will benefit from membership of the IAS community and Common Ground, full access to UCL resources and access to the Orwell Archive. The Orwell Foundation has been based at the IAS since 2016. Applications are invited by the deadline of 31 December 2019.  Read more and download the application form here.

Professor Jean Seaton, Director of the Orwell Foundation, said:

The Orwell Foundation, working with the Orwell Archive and the Institute of Advanced Studies at UCL is excited to announce this new initiative to develop scholarly research on Orwell and – more widely – his values and impact. The Foundation explores the contemporary relevance of Orwell’s work, but this must always be grounded in a critical investigation of his role in our culture, society, politics and history.  The opportunity to host researchers from all over the UK and the world here at UCL, the Foundation’s home since 2016, is a significant development.

Sarah Aitchison, Head of Special Collections in UCL Library Services, said:

The George Orwell Archive is the most comprehensive body of research material relating to the author George Orwell anywhere and work is continually ongoing to add to the collection and to make the archives and books accessible to as wide a range of researchers as possible. We are delighted that a fellowship focusing on his work is to be hosted at UCL.