Orwell on Tramping

Friday 30 September 2011

With the final entry of Orwell’s Hop-Picking diary being published shortly, we’ve just added some more of Orwell’s writing on tramping to our website.

‘A Day in the Life of a Tramp’ was written by Orwell in 1929. Signed ‘Eric Blair’, it was published in the French magazine, Le Progrès Civique, and has since been translated back into English. ‘The Spike’, meanwhile, was first published in 1931 and then reworked for a chapter in Down and Out in Paris and London.
If that isn’t enough, there are links to more of Orwell’s works on poverty on our Down and Out in Paris in London, A Clergyman’s Daughter, and The Road to Wigan Pier pages. There’s also our Road to Wigan Pier diary blog – and supporting Google Map, flickr images, and notes on Barnsley, Sheffield and Wigan – as well as the Hop-Picking diary blog.

The Orwell Prize and Johann Hari

On Thursday 29th September we updated our statement on Johann Hari, who has offered to return the prize money awarded to him in 2008. Read the full story on our website.

Orwell Prize at The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival

George Orwell Memorial Lecture 2011

Tickets are free, but RSVP is essential – email events@bbk.ac.uk to reserve a place.

From the archive

A new campaign has emerged to help independent bookshops called ‘Sober October’ – buy books, not beer. Orwell wrote a good deal on both. On beer, there’s his essay on the perfect pub, ‘The Moon Under Water’, and a review of a Mass Observation report called ‘The Pub and the People’. On books, there’s his ‘Bookshop Memories’ of working at a bookstore, ‘Books vs. Cigarettes’, ‘Confessions of a Book Reviewer’ and ‘Good Bad Books’.

From elsewhere

The Wartime Diaries

The next entry will be published on 14th March.

The Hop-Picking Diaries

The Wigan Pier Diaries

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