Report on Johann Hari

Tuesday 27 September 2011

The Orwell Prize has made what it hopes to be a final statement on Johann Hari and the Journalism Prize 2008. The statement sets out, briefly, the sequence of events over the summer and clarifies the Prize’s position.

Orwell Prize at The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival

From the archive

One of Orwell’s recent hop-picking diary entries was reworked for an article on the tradition for the New Statesman and Nation, which you can read on our website. The sidebar on the blog also has plenty of other links, including videos of Kent hop-pickers and more background on hop-picking, as well as a Google Map of Orwell’s progress and more about Down and Out in Paris and London and A Clergyman’s Daughter. Ahead of Dickens’ bicentenary next year, Guardian Books have been running a number of features on the great novelist, a major influence on Orwell. There’s lots about Dickens on our website too: you can read Orwell’s famous essay on Dickens, or watch either of our Orwell vs Dickens debates, as Jenny Hartley and Philip Hensher take on Hardeep Singh Kohli and Jean Seaton (Oxford 2009) and Lucinda Hawksley and Michael Slater battle Davids Aaronovitch and Taylor (Buxton 2010). In fact, D. J. Taylor is part of the Guardian celebrations, writing about his favourite Dickens, Sketches by Boz.

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The Wartime Diaries

The next entry will be published on 14th March.

The Hop-Picking Diaries

Over the last week, entries were published on 18th and 19th September. The next entry will be published on 8th October.

The Wigan Pier Diaries

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