Unreported Britain in Parliament

Monday 04 December 2017

Today every MP in the House of Commons was sent a copy of Stephen Armstrong’s The New Poverty (Verso) as the Joseph Rowntree Foundation released their ‘UK Poverty 2017’ report. Drawing on stories from The Orwell Foundation’s Unreported Britain project, The New Poverty investigates the new contours of want in 21st century Britain.

Unreported Britain is a journalism project which finds stories that are ignored, from communities whose voices are unheard and gives them platform, profile and leverage. We are launching a debate about what we don’t know and why we don’t know it, as well as reflecting back to communities how they see themselves.

Alongside stories in national broadsheets, including the Telegraph and Guardian, Unreported Britain is accompanied by a pilot Unreported Britain podcast in collaboration with The Story. In this podcast, we hear from people on the front-line of the rise of DIY dentistry, including Britons doing their own fillings to avoid NHS bills.