Enter The Orwell Prize for Political Fiction

Selected highlights from the rules are included below. Submissions close on October 30th 2020. A full judging line-up will be announced in early October.

The Orwell Prize for Political Fiction, sponsored by A.M. Heath and Richard Blair, is awarded to a work of political fiction and includes YA, graphic novels and short story collections. The winning entries should strive to meet Orwell’s own ambition ‘to make political writing into an art’. They should be of equal excellence in style and content – the writing must be both political and artful – and live up to the values of The Orwell Foundation.

The Prize is open to works written in English, and published in the UK in the calendar year 2020. If the work is also published elsewhere, it must be simultaneously published in the UK – works published in another country before 2020 are not eligible. There is no limit to the amount of submissions a publisher or imprint submits.

In light of this year’s events, we are in the first instance inviting publishers to submit PDF/ebook copies only. By submitting a book digitally, a publisher is also agreeing to send out six physical copies of their submitted book if requested. Physical books may be requested at any point between the submission window opening and the longlist announcement.

On completion of the form below you will receive an email confirming the information you have submitted (it might go to your spam). There is no need to respond to this email unless you would like to make a correction. Please contact at james.tookey@theorwellprize.co.uk if you have any questions or require further information.