The Orwell Prize for Journalism

The Orwell Prize for Journalism 2020 is open to sustained commentary and/or reportage, in any medium, published in the calendar year 2019.

Independent, open and free of editorial agenda, the Prize is one of the most sought-after Awards in the UK. The winning entry should strive to meet Orwell’s own ambition ‘to make political writing into an art’ and live up to the values of The Orwell Foundation.

The Prize is for journalism in any medium, though there must be a written element to all items submitted (i.e. broadcast journalism should be accompanied by a transcript). A completed entry consists of three items, one of which may be published by the author on a blogging or microblogging site (e.g. a personal blog, or a significant Twitter thread). Submissions which include more than one self-published item are ineligible.

There is no limit to the number of journalists who may enter from any publication or the number of Prizes a journalist may enter in a single year. The 2019 Prize was won by Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore and Steve Bloomfield (Deputy Editor, Prospect). Previous winners include Carole Cadwalladr, Iona Craig and Gideon Rachman.

The Prize is for work published in the UK and/or Ireland in the calendar year 2019, or work published internationally and written by a journalist based in the UK and/or Ireland. For full eligibility, please see the rules.


We are looking for journalism which is independent of agenda, that serves the public rather than private interest, from journalists writing against the grain rather than with it. It must also be writing which demands the care and attention of readers at a time when they have so little to spare. We hope to find writing that combines accuracy, brevity and, above all – in our murky times – clarity.

Ben Fenton, Chair of Judges 2020


Journalists are invited to submit their entries by the deadline of midnight 13th January 2020

NEW: entrants have the option of submitting one, and only one, item published on a blogging or micro-blogging site (e.g. personal blogs, or Twitter threads).

  • Please read the rules of entry before completing the form below.
  • Written items should be submitted as both a PDF and a permanent, accessible, non-expiring URL where available. Video or audio items should be submitted as permanent, accessible, non-expiring URLs. Where this is not possible please contact us to arrange another method.
  • Please make sure you have all the information to hand before beginning the form.

The Orwell Foundation will use the data provided here for the sole purposes of administering the Orwell Prizes, and will never share your information without your permission: see our privacy policy for more information about how we use your data.