2018 Youth Prize


Every year, the Youth Prize takes a theme from Orwell’s work to inspire your responses to the world around you. This year’s theme is “Truth vs. Lies”.

In his classic novels 1984 and Animal Farm, George Orwell created worlds in which it was impossible to say what is true and what is false: worlds full of misinformation where you could not even be sure of your own reality – and where the fight for truth can be deadly. Remind you of anything?

You can write in any form you like: journalism, essays, short stories, blog posts, poems and even plays are all welcome. We want to hear what you’ve got to say. The word limit is 1000 for the junior category (if you’re in years 9 – 11) and 1500 in the senior category (you sixth-formers).

Entries are now open via our online form. The final deadline is midnight Saturday 19th May 2018. 

We’ll also be holding our annual Celebration Day at Pembroke College, Oxford in June 2018, with a guaranteed place for all longlisted entrants to the Writing Prize.

Uniquely, we help our entrants by offering feedback. If you want to receive individual feedback on your entry to the Writing Prize, you’ll want to submit by midnight on Saturday 21st April 2018. To find out more about the Orwell Youth Prize visit, ‘How to Enter‘, check out our FAQs and rules or get in touch at admin@orwellyouthprize.co.uk

Check out this article for some jazzy images based on the scarily accurate things Orwell had to say about truth and lies.