What we do

The Orwell Youth Prize aims to increase writing confidence, engagement in social issues and access to higher education among young people, inspiring and support the next generation of politically engaged young writers.

Orwell’s values of integrity, truthfulness and fairness are an ideal foundation to introduce young people to the power of language. His writing resonates with the young, who can relate his focus on justice and deprivation to their own experience.

So much more than just a prize, the Orwell Youth Prize offers young people a journey that progresses from debate-provoking workshops, to hearing from writers about the tools for effective communication, to receiving individual feedback on draft entries.

The Orwell Youth Prize is a catalyst for young people to write about their world, receiving feedback from mentors and peers. Students from all backgrounds have the opportunity to discover and develop their talents and abilities beyond the curriculum: and for those who want to change the world the Orwell Youth Prize offers a platform where their voice, through their writing, can influence power.

Focusing on 13 – 18 year olds, there are three strands:

Mick Callanan (right), our Delivery Director, is an English Teacher with 27 years' experience. You can contact him at deliverydirector@orwellyouthprize.co.uk


We run workshops in schools, led by an experienced teacher and incorporating a writer or journalist. To ensure the workshops offer sustained impact they run in pairs, with support in the interim. The workshops the lead into the writing prize.




Regional Workshops are for anyone in Year 12 or Year 13, and are held at leading UK universities.  You don’t need to have had a workshop through your school to be eligible. The workshops bring together young people interested in writing and current affairs to hear from professional renowned writers. Regional workshops are free and bursaries towards the cost of travel to the workshop are available.

Elizabeth Paris, Chair, presents winners of the Orwell Youth Prize 2016 with the works of George Orwell


We run a prize for writing in any form: entries in 2016 included poems, stories, plays and essays. To ensure that the prize adds sustained value, every entry receives individual feedback. The prize is open to all young people, whether or not they have participated in a workshop.




The Celebration Day day is an event for entrants to the Writing Prize. In addition to the prize-giving ceremony, the day is an opportunity to inspire young people with writers’ seminars, interviews with journalists, debates and workshops.




The Orwell Youth Prize Annual Report 2016