The Orwell Youth Award

The Orwell Youth Award – Bronze

In 2018, we will launch the Orwell Youth Award for Young Writers. This achievement award is a recognition of your dedication to, interest in and achievement in writing – a way to push yourself, improve your writing skills, expand your ideas and enhance your CV and university application.

A Bronze Orwell Youth Award can be achieved by submitting both a draft entry and a final entry to the Orwell Youth Prize. If you do both of these things, you’ll automatically receive a Bronze Orwell Youth Award after the 2018 Celebration Day.

Even more excitingly, holders of a Bronze Orwell Youth Award will be able to progress to completing the Silver Orwell Youth Award. If you’ve loved and been inspired by your journey with the Orwell Youth Prize so far – whether it’s through the writing prize, one of our writing workshops or another event – then the Orwell Youth Award is for you!

Separately from the Orwell Youth Prize writing competition, the Silver Orwell Youth Award will challenge you to improve and expand your writing, your critical thinking and inspire you with new ideas. Beyond the Orwell Youth Prize, you will be challenged to write more and write better about the world around you. It’s not a competition – it’s a recognition of your achievement in writing. Details of exactly how you can achieve a Silver Orwell Youth Award will be announced in Summer 2018.

So whilst you wait, get thinking about ‘TRUTH VS. LIES‘ for your draft entry to the Orwell Youth Prize 2018 to make sure you get your hands on a Bronze Orwell Youth Award.