Our Workshops

The Orwell Youth Prize is much more than just a prize. We take leading authors, journalists, poets and reporters into schools, universities, and community centres to work with young writers and teachers.


Our school workshop model has been put on hold as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, we’re working to adapt our offer in this new climate to ensure we can continue to connect with schools and the education sector in different ways. 

We work directly with schools across England and Wales. Inspired by Orwell, our workshops are lively cross-disciplinary sessions where students discuss current affairs, politics, history and ethics. All students receive a collection of Orwell essays and our starter writing pack.

Where possible offer subsidised workshops to schools that fit the following criteria: schools within POLAR quintile 2.5 or below or with 25% or above free school meal allocation.

Find more information about our school workshops here.


The Orwell Youth Prize is about hearing voices from across the UK. The closure of schools under lockdown meant that some young people and some communities were harder to reach than usual. In response, the Orwell Youth Prize worked with Stephen Armstrong to host workshops with community centres in Paisley and Wigan.

Click on the links to find out more about the Wigan Sunshine House Workshop and Paisley Workshop.


If you would like to hold a workshop at your school or youth group, or if you would like to find out more about where we are working around the UK, please get in touch at admin@orwellyouthprize.co.uk