Autopsy of a Story

  • John Arlidge (shortlisted for journalism in the Sunday Times)
  • Amelia Gentleman (shortlisted for journalism in The Guardian)
  • Peter Hitchens (shortlisted for journalism in the Mail on Sunday)
  • Chaired by Paddy O’Connell (host of BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House)

Three of this year’s shortlisted journalists – John Arlidge, Amelia Gentleman and Peter Hitchens – talked to Paddy O’Connell about their work, before discussing the future of journalism in general.

Paddy asked John about his story on Goldman Sachs; Amelia about her reports on social work in the aftermath of the Baby P case, 21st century poverty and old people’s homes; and Peter about his counterfactual piece on the Berlin Wall not crumbling and his comparison of British and Canadian responses to the war in Afghanistan.

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