The Orwell Prizes 2020

The Orwell Prizes aim to encourage good writing and thinking about politics. The winning entries should strive to meet Orwell’s own ambition ‘to make political writing into an art’.

Entry for The Orwell Prize for Political Writing and The Orwell Prize for Political Fiction is now open to publishers and will close on the 31st October 2019. Entry for The Orwell Prize for Journalism and The Orwell Prize for Exposing Britain's Social Evils will open later in the autumn and close in January 2020.

Political Fiction and Political Writing Prizes close for entries

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The Orwell Prize 2019 winners


Political Writing   
    Book prize

Political fiction   
   book prize


Anna Burns



Suzanne Moore

The Guardian

Steve Bloomfield


Exposing Britain's   
   Social Evils


The Orwell Youth Prize

Inspired by its own ‘Big Brother’, Britain’s most prestigious Prize for political writing, the Orwell Youth Prize aims to support and inspire a new generation of politically engaged young writers.

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