We offer personalised feedback to all our entrants

No one creates a perfect piece of writing first time around. An important part of the writing process is getting a second opinion and encouragement on a first draft. That’s where we’re here to help!

We help prize entrants by offering expert feedback on a draft entry. We know the importance of drafting and constructive, encouraging criticism in developing writing skills. We also know that not every student has the support networks in place to get this. Our system for feedback aims to level the playing field.

Our expert team of volunteer readers are experienced professionals across the spheres of publishing, literature, academia, civil society and more, offering their perspectives and knowledge to help ensure your work is the best it can be when you submit it to the prize.


How feedback works

Our feedback aims to go beyond that typically offered within a formal academic setting; encompassing grammatical and stylistic advice as well as encouragement and suggestions for further reading around a subject area.

All draft entries submitted by the feedback deadline of Friday 22nd April are offered personalised feedback. We’ll  send you your feedback as soon as possible, to give you time to resubmit your final draft by our final deadline of Friday 3rd June.

It’s up to you

Feedback is completely optional – if you submit your entry before the feedback deadline, you can specify whether you would like to take up the offer for feedback or not. You can also just submit a final entry before the final deadline of Friday 3rd June. Our judges won’t know whether you’ve had feedback on your entry or not.

Any questions about feedback, or to learn more about volunteering with the Youth Prize, please contact Tabby Hayward at

We can’t wait to read your writing and help you to make it the best that it can be!

To receive such wonderful advice is so, so lovely and has made me feel really encouraged to keep writing.”

OYP entrant 2020