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The Orwell Youth Prize 2022

This year, we want you to think and write critically and creatively about how the climate crisis affects the people, places, and things around you. How will our impact on the environment affect the places you know? What will the impact be on human beings around the world?

George Orwell was a political writer: he wrote movingly about the importance of our relationship with the natural world and the destruction of the environment. But he also paid close attention to social justice and the importance of language in shaping how we see the world.

Inspired by Orwell, we are also encouraging you to come up for air and look afresh at the way the climate crisis and the environment is discussed and reported today. How can we confront this crisis in a way which is fair to everyone? What difficult decisions might need to be made to help save the planet? What is missing from the conversation?

And if you had the power, what changes would you make?

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2021 Orwell Youth Prize Winners



It’s Not Your Fault

Katie Sherley (Essay)

A New Direction: Starting Small by Creating Norfolk Wetlands

William Walker (Essay)

On Keeping a Time Capsule

Jennifer Yang (Essay)

A Small Thing

Anya Edgerton (Screenplay)


Work Experience as a Young Campaigner

Jude Leese (Poetry)

The Quiet Revolution

Max Baker (Fiction)

Two for Joy

Isabella Rew (Poetry)

New Hair, Who Dis (Dear Mrs Johnson)

Faith Falayi (Poetry)


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