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The Orwell Youth Prize 2023

We are delighted to announce the winners of The Orwell Youth Prize 2023!

At a time when so many issues affecting young people, from education to the cost of living, feel out of control, and when it can be hard to know who or what to believe, we asked our entrants to think and write creatively about the theme ‘Who’s in Control?’.

Over 500 young writers responded in the form of essays, poetry, short fiction, journalism, and video game designs. The standard was once again incredibly high, so much so that our selectors chose forty-three outstanding pieces to go forward to the judges.

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2023 Orwell Youth Prize Winners



Beth Anker

Meritocracy: The Politician’s Pipe Dream

Priya Floura

Tick Tock

The Catharsis of a Crane

Heike Ghandi

Amelia Roles



Zaeema Assad

The Radcliffe Line

Iris Mamier

Beware of the dog! says the man with the gun

Lara Wong

Men’s Shoes


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