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🌍 What direction do you want to push the world in? Are you in school years 8-13? Then we want to read your writing on the theme of 'Who's in Control?' Write in any form and send us your entries by Monday 24th April for personalised feedback on a first draft! @TheOrwellPrize

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The Orwell Youth Prize 2023

At a time when many issues, from the climate crisis to the cost of living, feel out of control; abuses of power are happening throughout the world; and disinformation makes it hard to know who and what to believe:

Who or what is really in control, of our futures, our bodies, our communities, our countries, our planet?

This year, we want you to think and write critically and creatively about who or what controls aspects of the world we live in, how we might be able to find new ways to take control of our futures and most productively use the power that we have.

Inspired by Orwell, we are encouraging you to look afresh at systems of power and control in the world around you today.
Who do we trust and why?
What is needed from those in power now?
And if you were leader of your country, what would be the first change you would make?

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