Axial Tilt – Orwell Youth Fellows’ Zine

Axial tilt (compound noun): The angle between the earth’s rotational axis and its orbital axis.

The Earth is tilted, and this causes the seasons. But in a much wider sense, the world has been tilted, turned on its head. Sea levels are rising, storms are getting more severe, and species are going extinct. The natural order of things has been upset.

As the young people of today, we know we will face the worst consequences of this. But we do not have to be silent. This is Axial Tilt: a creative expression of our concerns about our present, and our future – as compiled by the Orwell
Youth Fellows.

Who are the Orwell Youth Fellows?
The Orwell Youth Fellows are the winners and runners up of the 2020 and 2021 Orwell Youth Prizes. Together, the group are forming ideas, starting conversations and developing writing that is responsive to the society we are living in and that supports engagement with the prize. The theme for the 2022 Orwell Youth Prize was ‘Coming Up For Air: Writing
the Climate Crisis’ – check out the zine to see what the Orwell Youth Fellows think!

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