2003 Journalism prize winner

   Journalism prize winner  

Brian Sewell

Columnist, Evening Standard

Brian Sewell began his career having graduated from Courtauld Institute, London University. He has worked for The Royal Academy, The British Council, The Arts Council and the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle. He has also written many exhibition catalogues for the Royal Academy and Council of Europe. Since 1984, he has been the Art Critic for the Evening Standard and has won the award for ‘Art Critic of the Year’ on several occasions. For ten years, Brian worked as an Expert in Old Masters for Christie’s. He has advised a number of Museums on purchases and the improvement of collections and has taught in a number of universities. Brian is known as an experienced broadcaster and has contributed to programmes for both radio and television, including various commercials. He has appeared on programmes ranging from Have I Got News for You, The Antique Show, The Great Antiques Hunt, Call My Bluff, The Naked Pilgrim and numerous programmes about art.