2008 SPECIAL prize winner

   SPECIAL prize winner  

Clive James

Clive James was awarded a Special Prize for Writing and Broadcasting after being shortlisted for the Journalism Prize 2008 (for three editions of A Point of View on BBC Radio 4).

He has been a staple of British screens, airwaves and publications since the early 1970s. A writer, poet, essayist, broadcaster and commentator, he has written for The Listener, the New Statesman, the Review, The Observer, The Guardian, the LRB, The Spectator and the Times Literary Supplement. He has presented (and created) television programmes including Fame in the 20th Century, Clive James’ Postcard from… and Clive James on Television.


Clive James is a master, in the Orwell tradition, of the essay. Whether written or broadcast his words are sharp but humane.


Professor Jean Seaton
Chair of the Orwell Prize

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