2024 Reporting homelessness prize winner

   Reporting homelessness prize winner  

Karl Brown, Debbie Cuthbert, Stuart Potts and David Winter

Unheard Voices (with Shelter and On Our Radar)

Unheard Voices are a group of community reporters living in Greater Manchester with experience of unfit housing and/or homelessness.

In summer 2022, a community reporting network was formed in Manchester with a group of people with lived experience of unfit housing and homelessness. Unheard Voices started to collect and share their stories of the housing emergency, finally publishing two co-created pieces of work in summer 2023.

Unheard Voices want society to see people experiencing homelessness and unfit housing as humans, rather than numbers. By telling their stories, and their truth, they want to transform how the housing emergency is perceived, challenging stereotypes and breaking down stigma.

Submitted pieces:

  • Unheard Voices Microsite: In this collection of reports, Unheard Voices share their stories, insights and experiences of trying to navigate a housing system that is not fit for purpose
  • The Manchester Maze: the maze is a concept created by the group – a collection of human stories and an action plan based on what they think needs to change.

This community reporting project was funded by the charity, Shelter UK, in partnership with On Our Radar.