2022 Journalism prize finalist

Ali Fowle, Aun Qi Koh, Drew Ambrose

101 East, Al Jazeera

Ali Fowle is a freelance journalist and filmmaker from Edinburgh. Passionate about investigation, her work focuses on illicit trade, trafficking, human rights, law and justice and she has extensive experience on stories related to conflict and civil disobedience. She specialises in the Asia Pacific region where she has lived since 2009.

Aun Qi Koh is an investigative journalist based in Malaysia. Before joining Al Jazeera in 2019, she was a subeditor at online news portal Malaysiakini. She has produced stories on various social justice issues including Malaysian custodial deaths, the plight of Filipino nurses abroad and targeted killings of Afghan women.

Drew Ambrose works across the Asia-Pacific region as a foreign correspondent, investigative journalist and documentary producer. He has been a digital lead for multiple interactive, virtual reality and online projects. His intrepid reporting has won 35 global media prizes including the 2021 One World Media International Journalist of the Year.

Their shortlisted pieces are: