2024 Journalism prize finalist

David Pilling

Financial Times

David Pilling has been a correspondent for the Financial Times for 30 years with postings in the UK, Chile, Argentina, Japan and Hong Kong, where he served as Asia Editor. He writes columns, news and features on a wide range of topics, often at the intersection of business, politics and public policy, but he also strays regularly into art and culture. He tries, as much as possible, to get the voices of marginalised people into the pages of the Financial Times. He is currently the FT’s Africa Editor.

His shortlisted pieces are:


David Pilling’s compelling stories of the young Africans recruited from across the continent to sift through the worst of the internet as content moderators for Meta forces us to confront the harms that are outsourced to keep us safe. His work helps to expose the social injustices at the digital coalface, but also shows us the resilience and resourcefulness of those fighting back.

– Yuen Chan, 2024 Orwell Prize for Journalism judge