An online workshop – the future we want now

Experience an Orwell Youth Prize workshop (or as close as we can get to it in lockdown) online!

We’ll be adding new segments and resources from writers in the next few weeks, but you can download the first two sections of our online workshop below:


Segment 1: What is the Orwell Youth Prize? 

Segment 2: What future do we want now? 

Segment 3: What should I write about? 

Segment 4: 

Segment 5:


Guide to Style

Guide to Starting Writing

Guide to Form

 Future News & Views Worksheet-  Construct your future headline and the article that goes with it!


What do our writers think?

We asked Poet Matt Bryden what George Orwell means to him, and how Orwell himself might have written about what’s happening now.

Orwell Youth Prize: Matt Bryden from Mick Callanan on Vimeo.