Neil Robertson

The Bleeding Heart Show is a blog of under-rehearsed and over-caffeinated stammerings from Neil Robertson, a Barnsley-born 25-year-old who now resides in Coventry.

From time to time, the blog will contain ill-informed missives on British/American politics, popular culture and other miscellaneous outbursts which only ever make sense to the author. The blog is written from a liberal-left perspective and covers such emotive subjects as (yawn) electoral reform, social issues, the maddening rightwards lurches of the Labour Party and the need to revitalise grassroots political activism… occasionally interspersed with cool Youtube videos and pop songs. When he’s not busy inflicting his words on his nearest and dearest, the blogger can also be found indulging in a liberal conspiracy. Don’t worry, it sounds worse than it is.

The blog is named after a song by a Canadian band called the New Pornographers.

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