The Orwell Foundation is administrated by a small team lead by the Director, Professor Jean Seaton. The Foundation is based at University College London’s Institute for Advanced Studies. The office is currently working remotely.

Professor Jean Seaton


Jean Seaton is Professor of Media History at the University of Westminster and the Official Historian of the BBC. Jean became Director of The Orwell Foundation (then, The Orwell Prize) in 2007, taking over from Sir Bernard Crick. Under her stewardship the prize has become Britain’s premier prize for political writing, celebrating honest writing and reporting, confronting uncomfortable truths and uncovering hidden voices. She is the author of Carnage and the Media: the Making and Breaking of News about Violence (Penguin, 2005), with James Curran, Power without Responsibility: the Press and Broadcasting in Britain (8th edition, 2014) and Pinkoes and Traitors: the BBC and the nation, 1974-1987 (2015), serves on the board of the journal The Political Quarterly and is a founding member of several active media NGOs, including Full Fact and the Reuters Institute. She broadcasts regularly on historical, political and cultural matters, including Orwell and his legacy.

Jeremy Wikeley

Programme Manager (The Orwell Prizes)

Jeremy manages The Orwell Prizes and associated events and initiatives. He also edits the Foundation’s website and resources and is the primary contact for issues arising from George Orwell’s life and work. Jeremy previously worked in Parliament. His favourite Orwell novel is probably Keep the Aspidistra Flying, although any similarities between him and the protagonist Gordon Comstock, a disaffected poet living in south London, are wholly coincidental.

Alex Talbott

Programme Manager (The Orwell Youth Programme)

Alex manages The Orwell Youth Prize and associated events and initiatives. She also leads on The Orwell Prize for Exposing Britain’s Social Evils. Previously she worked within the Culture Team at King’s College London, and for the European Foundation Centre in Brussels. Alex has a soft spot for Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London, enjoying the comical characterisation and frank commentary. She can also relate to the hierarchies and habits of working in hospitality, and while a Suffolk pub isn’t quite 1920s Paris, the horrors of pot wash still loom large from her teen years as a waitress.

Jordan Dilworth

Assistant Prize and Programme Coordinator

Jordan is the Assistant Prize and Programme Coordinator and supports the running of The Orwell Prizes, The Orwell Youth Prize and our busy programme of events. He is currently studying towards a part-time master’s degree in Political Theory at LSE and was previously a private secretary at the Department for International Trade. Due to Jordan’s student summer jobs in hospitality, he finds that Orwell’s observations on the life of a plongeur in Down and Out in Paris and London have a special resonance, although his working environment had more of a resemblance to The Office than the strict class hierarchy of 1920s Paris.

Carmel Kavanagh

Finance Officer

Carmel is the Finance Officer and is responsible for accounting, budgeting, cash flow and financial control within the organisation. She has extensive experience of working with a variety of charities including The Princes Trust, Young Enterprise and London Youth mainly in Head of Finance roles. She also has a degree in Criminology which she puts to good use in her volunteer roles. She admires Winston Smith’s resistance against the totalitarian state but fears she would not survive Room 101!  She is often amazed at how supremely relevant George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four is today.