The Orwell Foundation is administrated by a small team led by the Director, Professor Jean Seaton. The Foundation is based at University College London’s Institute of Advanced Studies.

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Professor Jean Seaton


Jean Seaton is Professor of Media History at the University of Westminster and the Official Historian of the BBC. Jean became Director of The Orwell Foundation (then, The Orwell Prize) in 2007, taking over from Sir Bernard Crick. Under her stewardship the prize has become Britain’s premier prize for political writing, celebrating honest writing and reporting, confronting uncomfortable truths and uncovering hidden voices. She is the author of Carnage and the Media: the Making and Breaking of News about Violence (Penguin, 2005), with James Curran, Power without Responsibility: the Press and Broadcasting in Britain (8th edition, 2014) and Pinkoes and Traitors: the BBC and the nation, 1974-1987 (2015), serves on the board of the journal The Political Quarterly and is a founding member of several active media NGOs, including Full Fact and the Reuters Institute. She broadcasts regularly on historical, political and cultural matters, including Orwell and his legacy.

Image credit: Bill Knight.

Liz Wallace

Deputy Director

Liz Wallace joined The Orwell Foundation from the BBC’s Westminster newsroom, where she had been a Political Reporter and Editor. Before that Liz lived in Paris, beside Orwell’s first lodging in la rue du Pot de Fer. She discovered that the bistros he frequented in Down and Out, ‘where you could be drunk for the equivalent of a shilling’ had raised their prices considerably in the intervening years.

Jeremy Wikeley

Communications Manager

Jeremy joined The Orwell Foundation (then The Orwell Prize) and The Orwell Youth Prize as an administrator in 2016, and has since been involved in almost every aspect of the charity’s expanding activities – including launching and editing the Substack serial, Orwell Daily. Outside of the Foundation, he also works as a freelance writer, poet and critic. He finds Orwell’s essays on literature and politics an endless source of inspiration.

James Tookey

Book Prize Administrator

James administers The Orwell Prizes for Political Writing and Political Fiction. Outside of the Foundation, he works in publishing. His favourite writing by Orwell can be found in the essays of the 1940s: they are inexhaustibly brilliant.

Tabitha Hayward

Programme Coordinator (The Orwell Youth Prize)

Tabby is the Programme Coordinator for the Orwell Youth Prize and the Youth Programme as a whole. She also runs creative writing workshops for young people and writes poetry, plays and stories. Being from rural Dorset, she appreciates George Bowling’s yearning for the countryside of his childhood in Orwell’s Coming Up For Air, sharing his horror for the ‘Pixie Glen’!

Graham Self

Office Administrator

Graham supports the Foundation with the administration of its prizes, events, and general office needs. Outside of the Foundation, he works in theatre and production, including with Degenerate Fox, the London Neo-Futurists. As a lifelong animal lover, Graham finds Orwell’s Shooting an Elephant particularly heartrending and feels both Boxer and Mollie were hard done by in Animal Farm.