Alix Mortimer

I am Alix Mortimer, head of state in the People’s Republic of Mortimer, where everything is perfect. I am a thinker-up and writer-down of things and southerner out of water, now living in Manchester. I started out as a postgraduate medievalist, then became a professional sub-editor and then a tax consultant (no, really) before I realised that having a Proper Career much less fun than thinking up and writing down. Now I work freelance as a copywriter, report writer and researcher, mainly for the third sector, and write the odd article on politics, history or genealogy in between times. Unnaturally interested in a number of things, including but not limited to history (policy-making, for the use of), local economics, heritage, language, armchair psychology and the future of political communication (we’ll look back on our current efforts and laugh, believe me).

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