Lewis Page

In this irreverent and provocative book, Lewis Page exposes the scandalous state of our armed forces: how British soldiers are sent off to war with some of the worst guns around, how the MOD keeps financing useless toys (at huge expense to taxpayers), and how decisions seem to be made with an eye, above all, for the interests of British Aerospace. He shows how politicians and the top brass are hopelessly entrenched in yesterday’s wars and pouring their talents and energies into making sure that money is wasted right, left and centre.

The judges said:

Both very funny and very appalling – a Catch 22 or Evelyn Waugh account of how the whole system of supply and contract has most importantly let the British Army down. An absurd story written again by an insider with an unparalleled grasp of the lunacies of the situation. An indictment of a process and an almost surreal sense of blunder built on incompetence built on ridiculousness.