Out of Time? – Jennifer Wolfe

“Strong rhythm and rhyme make this short poem about the premature coming of spring – due to climate change – moving and poignant.”  – Professor Michael Jacobs

Why have the daffodils
flowered so soon,
it’s not March, nor April,
nor nearer to June;
this used to be winter,
there’s still a wolf-moon –
yet flowers are here
this February noon. 

A vaseful of aureate,
verdigris stem,
of quietude leaf
evanescence indemn
but hush – now it wilts,
with browned anadem,
conducting, bemused,
this odd Requiem. 

For all flowers die,
whether slumped on the hill
or dusting fine pollen
on the windowsill;
yet pollen untouched,
stamens brimming to spill
that soft golden grain
in harsh winter’s chill. 

A life out of cycle
blooms unhandled by
the bee, the wasp,
the brief butterfly –
how can it be that
it grows and will die
before the year’s birds
pour into the sky?