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Lisa Ansell

I am Lisa Ansell. This blog is my thoughts. I have accepted it is unlikely that the next year is going to throw up a political solution to the global crisis the news is pretending we aren’t in. In the absence of a credible economic alternative, I am seeking my own. So while I attempt to defy the economy, I shall keep this. My perspective. Probably not yours, which is rather the point. I never understood how one perspective was ever expected to see anything in the round. I can pretty much guarantee that I can’t change reality to match your current political or ideological requirements. I apologise in advance. I am often wrong, I mostly write in a hurry and edit sporadically. The only line I take is my own, and it changes as I learn. And lets face it, there is little to do but learn at this point in time. Taken from Lisa’s new blog – Defy the Economy

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