2021 Journalism prize finalist

Gary Younge

New York Review of Books; New Statesman; Financial Times

Gary Younge is an award-winning author, broadcaster and a professor of sociology at the University of Manchester in England. Formerly a columnist at The Guardian he is an editorial board member of the Nation magazine and the Alfred Knobler Fellow for Type Media. His book Another Day in the Death of America was shortlisted for The Orwell Prize for Books in 2018.

“Gary Younge examined the major themes of the past 12 months, covid-19 and racism, with the eloquence of an expert journalist and the depth of an academic. His analysis of George Floyd’s murder, the differential impact of the pandemic on Black and Asian communities, and the role of racism and inequalities brings sharp and original insights that, although delivered at the height of the crisis, remain undeniable today.” – Kamran Abbasi, Executive Editor of the BMJ