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Anton Vowl

I was, for a while, just Anton Vowl, but in October 2010 I decided to end all of that. I enjoyed writing under an assumed name  as it gave a lot of freedom to be experimental and not to worry about being judged against whatever I’ve done in my ‘real’ life, but there comes a time when you feel like you have to just be yourself and not be afraid of the consequences, good or bad, of putting your own stupid giant face and your own rather bland name next to the things that you write. So, I’m Steven Baxter, a not-very-good journalist from London, now based in Bristol, and a blogger on the media, and other stuff, here at Enemies of Reason. I started the blog back in 2007 as I was fed up with being drip-fed the same old nonsense, telling me things I knew were misleading or untrue, pushing certain stories at the expense of others, and feeding fear. I thought to myself: surely, there must be some room somewhere for an alternative voice? And I found it online, in blogs like Five Chinese Crackers and Chicken Yoghurt and Obsolete.

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