The Orwell Festival

15 June 2022

Great political writing can, and does, change the world and the very best of it will be showcased at the Orwell Festival. This year, we’ve teamed up with Substack and UCL’s Institute of Advanced Studies to put on The Orwell Festival. From 22 June… find out more

‘Politics and the Imagination’: The Orwell Lecture with Ian McEwan

12 October 2021

Ian McEwan will deliver this year's Orwell Lecture on the topic 'Politics and the Imagination: Reflections on Orwell's Inside the Whale' LIVE STREAM NOW AVAILABLE - CLICK HERE FOR LINK In 1957, Albert Camus wrote, 'it is always p… find out more

Longlist Conversation: ‘Care’ with Madeleine Bunting, Douglas Stuart and Ciaran Jenkins

29 April 2021

Join Booker Prize winner Douglas Stuart (Shuggie Bain, Political Fiction), and journalist's Madeleine Bunting (author of Labours of Love: The Care Crisis, Political Writing) and Ciaran Jenkins (Journalism Prize) as they discuss their Orwell Prize longlist… find out more

The Politics of Fiction: Three years of reading Political Fiction at UCL

20 April 2021

This special one-off event forms part of the IAS five-year anniversary festival on the theme of ‘Alternative Epistemologies’, which also marks the five-year anniversary of The Orwell Foundation's arrival at UCL. As Orwell wrote, politics is imp… find out more

Longlist Conversation: ‘Home’ with James Rebanks, Monique Roffey and ‘Anywhere But Westminster’

29 April 2021

Join James Rebanks, Monique Roffey and John Harris/John Domokos from "Anywhere But Westminster" as they discuss the political implications behind their Orwell-Prize longlisted work, prompted by the theme of 'home'. James Rebanks is longlisted for The O… find out more

The Orwell Prize Longlist Conversations: ‘Europe’ with Olivette Otele, Sarah Moss and John Kampfner

20 April 2021

Join John Kampfner, Sarah Moss and Olivette Otele for a discussion of their Orwell Prize-longlisted work at this special online event in collaboration with The Orwell Foundation. John Kampfner’s Why the Germans Do It Better and Olivette Otele’s Afr… find out more

The Orwell Youth Prize 2021 – An Introduction and Q&A for Teachers

22 February 2021

Learn more about this year's theme, 'A New Direction: Starting Small', and how our programmes can continue to meet the needs of teachers About this Event [embed][/embed] The world feels overwhelming at … find out more

The Orwell Lecture 2020

21 October 2020

Tristram Hunt will deliver this year's Orwell Memorial Lecture on the topic ‘Decolonising The Wonder House: Orwell, Empire and the Museum.' About this Event Ever more combative cultural politics, increasing public debate ab… find out more

The Orwell Prize ‘Online’ Ceremony

01 July 2020

  [embed][/embed]   The Orwell Prize 'Telescreen' Ceremony is an exclusive film celebrating the winner's of this year's Orwell Prizes. Introduced by Foundation Chair of Trustee… find out more

Orwell Day: The New Surveillance Era

01 July 2020

In a world that is profoundly transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic, our partners at the Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona are holding Orwell Day again this year with two discussions referring to the present relevance of Orwell’s work. Th… find out more

Tortoise ThinkIn with The Orwell Prize Shortlists

27 May 2020

None of us is thinking about life in quite the same way as we were even a few weeks ago. Politics looks and feels very different too. But the books on this year’s longlist are not about ordinary politics. In fact, most aren’t about mainstream politics… find out more

The Orwell Lecture: How to Predict an Election

19 December 2019

How do you predict a modern election? Has politics shifted irrevocably? Since David Cameron's unexpected majority in 2015, elections and referenda have defied expectations, with pollsters and pundits alike surprised by result of the EU referendum and the … find out more

George Orwell, Sonia Brownell and the Orwell Archive

07 January 2020

Be in the room with exclusive access to the original letters, photographs and objects that connect George Orwell and Sonia Brownell On 13th October 1949, Sonia Brownell and George Orwell were married in University College Hospital, where Orwell was being… find out more

The Orwell Prize Ceremony 2019: Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ at 70

13 June 2019

Join the Orwell Foundation to celebrate the year's best political writing at The Orwell Prize Ceremony 2019. The Prize announcements will be preceded by a special event with Dorian Lynskey (author, The Ministry of Truth: A Biography of George Orwell's 19… find out more

The Ministry of Plenty

29 May 2019

The Orwell Foundation's Ministry of Plenty will take over the Life Rewired Hub at the Barbican Centre, London, to host a weekend of events and new commissions, from imaginative fiction on the future of work to virtual reality film In George Orwell’s … find out more

Orwell and British Food

23 May 2019

George Orwell was so savage about ‘brutish’ British food that the British Council, having commissioned him to write an essay on it in 1946, decided to reject it! As we head for an uncertain food future and arguments rage about the Britishness of our p… find out more

Rebel? Prophet? Relic? Perspectives on George Orwell

28 January 2019

This two-day multidisciplinary conference, organised by UCL, will consider Orwell’s place in contemporary academia, politics, and popular culture. Is he the “wintry conscience” of each generation, or the problematic product of another era? What … find out more

Orwell & 1984 at The Bath Festival

18 March 2019

Foundation Director Professor Jean Seaton will be at The Bath Festival 23rd May to discuss the legacy of Orwell's classic novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four. Doublethink, Newspeak and The Thought Police: do we live in the world that Orwell predicted? Considering… find out more

Darren McGarvey: Re-imagining Beveridge

06 March 2019

Darren McGarvey (aka Loki), has experienced poverty and its devastating effects first-hand. He knows why people from deprived communities all around Britain feel angry and unheard. His book Poverty Safari won The Orwell Prize for Books 2018, and at thi… find out more

The Orwell Lecture 2018 with Kamila Shamsie

11 October 2018

Unbecoming British:  citizenship, migration and the transformation of rights into privileges The Orwell Foundation is delighted to announce that The Orwell Lecture 2018 will be delivered by author Kamila Shamsie, on the question of 'citizenship, migrat… find out more