2014 Journalism prize long list

David Cohen

Campaigns Editor, The Evening Standard

David Cohen is the Campaigns editor and chief feature writer for the London Evening Standard.  

Submitted articles

These young gangsters have lost so many friends …. Ricky was three when his father threw him off a third-floor balcony – London Evening Standard, 25/09/2013 Once their business was violence and drugs … The ex-cons who’ll take away your stuff but only if you hire them! – London Evening Standard, 07/10/2013 Why is having superfast rail more important than providing the basics for young people – London Evening Standard, 21/10/2013 Waste of young lives … faces of 124 teens killed since 2007 – London Evening Standard, 22/11/2013 Beaten up, raped and made to hide drugs, the middle-class girl who was the lowest of the low to a gang – London Evening Standard, 25/11/2013 Standard’s campaign tackling gangs has revitalised our drive to make a difference – London Evening Standard, 22/10/2013   David Cohen on twitter