2014 Journalism prize finalist

Mary Riddell

Mary Riddell

Columnist, The Daily Telegraph

Mary Riddell is a columnist for Daily Telegraph. A former deputy editor of Today, she has written for a number of national newspapers, including The Observer, on social, constitutional and foreign affairs, as well as covering criminal justice and Westminster politics. Her writing awards include Interviewer of the Year in the British Press Awards and a commendation in the feature-writing category. She has twice been named legal journalist of the year by the Bar Council and has previously been shortlisted for the Orwell Prize for Journalism (2008).  

Submitted articles

Titanium Ed And The Iron Lady – Daily Telegaph, 16/04/2013 Is Ed Miliband caught in a trap on Syria? – Daily Telegraph, 18/06/2013 The NHS is not a creaking relic – Daily Telegraph, 16/07/2013 The housing crisis needs new towns – Daily Telegraph, 15/10/2013 The silent majority and immigration – Daily Telegraph, 12/10/2013 What Obama’s deal with Iran can teach us – Daily Telegraph, 26/11/2013