2014 Journalism prize finalist

James Astill

Political editor, The Economist

James Astill is Political editor and Bagehot columnist of the Economist. He has previously worked as International Security editor, South Asia correspondent, and Energy and Environment editor for the Economist.

Articles submitted

Bagehot: The Weirdness of Eastleigh – The Economist, 23/02/2013 Bagehot: The Parable of the Clyde – The Economist, 31/08/2013 Bagehot: The New Islamophobes – The Economist, 19/10/2013 Bagehot: More Tough, Less Love – The Economist, 02/11/2013 Bagehot: Top of the Class – The Economist, 07/12/2013 Cockney Funerals: Buried Like Kings – The Economist, 21/12/2013