2014 Journalism prize long list

Suzanne Moore

Columnist, The Guardian

Suzanne Moore is a columnist for the Guardian. She has previously written for the Daily Mail, the Independent, and the New Statesman.  

Submitted articles

In the digital economy, we’ll soon all be working for free – and I refuse – The Guardian, 15/01/2014 The worship of children brings only misery – The Guardian, 23/10/2013 Grayson Perry’s tapestries, weaving class and taste – The Guardian, 08/06/2013 Don’t vilify Russell Brand – he’s right to demand the impossible – The Guardian, 06/11/2013 It’s hard not to be angry when men won’t discuss rape and abuse – The Guardian, 15/01/2013 Boris Johnson’s philosophy isn’t just elitist – it’s sinister – The Guardian, 28/11/2013   Suzanne Moore on twitter