2015 Journalism prize long list

Ian Birrell

Ian Birrell

Contributing editor, Mail on Sunday

Ian Birrell is a contributing editor of The Mail on Sunday, though he writes columns regularly in several other papers, including The Guardian and The Economist. He was a speech-writer for David Cameron before the 2010 general election, and co-founded Africa Express, an organisation promoting African music.

Submitted articles

Graveyard of desecration – The Mail on Sunday, 20/07/2014 Please, let American jets bomb my prison… – The Mail on Sunday, 17/08/2014 Our medical advances have outstripped our humanity – The Guardian, 08/08/2014 Bill Gates preaches the aid gospel but is he a hypocrite? – The Guardian, 06/01/2014 Britain’s refusal to save migrants is an act of inhumanity – The Guardian, 29/10/2014 Bonfire of the ebola victims – The Mail on Sunday, 28/09/2014