2015 Journalism prize long list

Suzanne Moore

Columnist, The Guardian

Suzanne Moore is a columnist for The Guardian. She has written for The Mail on Sunday, The Daily Mail, The Independent, and the New Statesman over the course of her career. She stood as an independent parliamentary candidate in the 2010 general election.

Articles submitted

In the tawdry benefits debate, no politician speaks of moral obligations – so I will – The Guardian, 05/02/2014 My old council flat sold for half a million – this madness can’t end well – The Guardian, 02/04/2014 This politics of denial over immigration is feeding a growing inhumanity – The Guardian, 20/10/2014 Jeremy Clarkson and Ukip are not mavericks, but the bullying face of the establishment – The Guardian, 07/05/2014 Poor children are seen as worthless, as Rotherham’s abuse scandal shows – The Guardian, 27/08/2014  The Scottish independence debate has given politicians what they say they want – engagement – The Guardian, 10/09/2014